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#829925 | 2015-12-18
Montréal |
NATURAL HeteroVegetarian,NeverDrugued !...:Europe
Welcome ALL immigrants(but NO latino! NO kidnapper allowed!). I had study sciences(but no),MICRObiology,i like SOFT cats,kittens,etc.I lived at INTERNAT french school 3 years Only! NOT all my life! I collectioned SMALL RACING CARS,etc.BEAUDRY gisele was my teacher of THERAPEUTIC Touch.I also had study Physics,Mecanics even,the human body,massage,stones(HEALING?),essential oils,NATURopathy,etc. & u ? I'm Hetero Only! & u ? I'm not at all christian,not at all with christ,Neither with Someone Else's Thing! & u ? I was only born in germany,left at few days of age. & u ? I'm not like them! I like&Protect Kittens to come,Kittens,Cats,Animals. & u ? I fight for all Animals's NATURAL Wrights&Freedom&Health.In Private 438 985 8263 Wali.
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